Fenella Humphreys premieres Variation After Variation

(This link starts at Variation After Variation – please watch the whole concert to hear the works by Ben Gaunt and Bethan Morgan-Williams, as well as Fenella’s introductions to each piece.)

During the COVID-19 lockdown, Fenella Humphreys has been tirelessly performing works old and new during her live-streamed “Homemade Concert” series, and learning a lot of new notes for her “New Music Wednesdays”. On 10 June 2020, I was my privilege to hear Fenella give the first performance of my Variation After Variation in a programme which also premiered works by Ben Gaunt and Bethan Morgan-Williams.

The concert can be re-played on YouTube: it opens with Ben Gaunt‘s slowly-unfolding Nostalgic Spellsphere [2:30], continues with Variation After Variation [12:00] and concludes with Bethan Morgan-Williams‘s capricious One, Two, Bakerloo… [23:20].

In a rare silver-lining during the COVID-19 crisis, this premiere came earlier than expected, as the lockdown means that pieces for solo performers find their way to the top of the pile. Good for me, not so good for those who make their living from performing music. So I’ll conclude by sharing this from Fenella’s YouTube description for the concert video:

“As you will be well aware, the COVID-19 pandemic has seriously affected us all, including musicians. These concerts are free. However, if you have enjoyed this performance and are able, please do consider donating to my PayPal. Even a small amount can make a big difference.” http://paypal.me/fenellaviolin

Red House Bagatelle premiered by Francesca Hurst

Many thanks to Francesca Hurst for premiering my solo piano piece Red House Bagatelle as part of her “Daily Dose of Piano” series. It’s Day 61, published on 23 May 2020. This was one of those speculative works-in-progress that was sitting on the back-burner, until I saw Francesca’s call for pieces, so additional thanks are due to her for giving me a reason to complete it!